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Meet the Ultimate Sip Panel From SuperForm

Introducing the SIP panel construction systems from SuperForm. Our structural insulated panels are more than just construction materials; they are the foundation of energy-efficient, cost-effective, and eco-conscious construction. Builders and designers can also use them for a wide array of applications.

These high-performance panels offer remarkable strength and thermal efficiency, contributing positively to the environment. Whether you're planning a residential or commercial project, our SIP panels can meet your diverse needs.

With our EPS+ 10 and MAX+ 10 versions, you get building solutions that reduce costs, energy consumption, and environmental impact.

SuperForm SIP Panel

EPS+ 10 SIP Panel

SuperForm EPS+ 10 SIP panels use expanded polystyrene (EPS) rigid foam insulation. Offering a stable R-value and impressive compressive strength, they provide a reliable and cost-effective solution for various building applications.

What sets EPS+ 10 apart from competing SIP products is its lightweight nature. The design makes it easy to handle and cut, saving time and labor. Available in various thicknesses, it's a versatile choice for builders and contractors seeking reliable, energy-efficient solutions.

MAX+ 10 SIP Panel

Our MAX+ 10 system represents the peak of SIP panel performance. The panels use Neopor® graphite polystyrene (GPS) foam. With this design, builders get all the benefits of EPS+ 10 but with various performance improvements.

The graphite cell structure in SuperForm MAX+ 10 creates a highly efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable building solution. Its capacity to reflect radiant heat as it travels through the insulation takes energy efficiency to new heights.

Cost Effective

SuperForm SIP panels aren't just efficient – they're also a smart investment. By choosing our SIP products, you ensure the long-term energy efficiency of your building, along with substantial cost savings.

Being lightweight, easy to handle, and versatile makes them incredibly efficient on the job site. They can save time for workers and keep labor costs down. Their thermal efficiency also means lower energy consumption in the long run. That translates to reduced operational costs for the building.


Choosing SupeForm's SIP panel products is a choice for sustainability. Our panels are not only cost-effective but also eco-friendly. SIP panels help create buildings that are more airtight and better insulated. These properties make buildings more comfortable and easier to heat and cool. Over time, it results in a smaller carbon footprint for the structure.

Our SIP panels are also more environmentally friendly in their design and production. They do not contain many of the ozone-depleting materials of many other insulation products. Along with that, the manufacture is more efficient and less energy intensive.

Choose SIP Panels from SuperForm

SuperForm is your partner for reliable, cost-effective, and sustainable building products. Contact our team to learn more about our SIP panel solutions.

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