Building an Affordable Home in 2024 with Insulated Concrete Forms

Want to build an affordable home in 2024?



Experience the affordable luxury of an ICF home...

  • 60% less energy costs

  • Draft-free

  • Disaster-Resilience

  • Peace and quiet

ICF offers a beautiful home that is more than skin deep...

ICF has been proven to have 58% better R-value* performance than conventional, wood-framed wall systems, resulting in up to 60% of annual energy savings.

*R-value measures thermal performance. The higher the R-value, the more resistance and the better the material is at insulating a home.

60% Reduction in Energy Cost

Learn about how 60% more energy is used with a 2"x 6" wood frame wall system vs an ICF wall system in this thermal study prepared by CLEB Laboratories Inc. for the Insulating Concrete Forms Manufacturers Association (ICFMA).

ICFMA Thermal Study Guide Photo

ICF walls are stay-in-place foam blocks that stack like Lego...

The foam blocks have an R-value of 24, double a wood-framed wall.


Once the concrete is added, ICF systems have triple the R-value (R40+) than wood framed systems. 

Thermal Image of an ICF House vs. Wood Framed House

No drafts, hot spots, or cold spots.

This is largely due to the thermal mass of the ICF core, unlike a wood-frame home with gaps in the insulation that equal a basketball (photo on the right).

Not only is it draft-free, it also has a proven track record of superior protection from the forces of Mother Nature.

Insulated Concrete Forms are Fire-Resistant



ICF Stands Strong Against 250 MPH Winds

An ICF house is one of the few homes still standing in Mexico Beach, Florida after Hurricane Michael hit in 2018.

ICF House still standing after Hurricane Michael in Mexico Beach in Florida, 2018.
  • fireicon

    4 Hour Fire Rating

    compared to conventional wood walls with a fire rating of under 20 minutes. 

  • tornado

    Withstands up to 400km/h (250 mph) winds

    Whether you’re facing high-impact winds, a hurricane, or even a tornado – you can have peace of mind knowing you’re safe in your home with ICF walls. 

In addition, ICF provides unmatched personal comfort with amazing sound-reduction.

Hear the Difference with ICF

ICFs reduce sound transmission at virtually no additional cost — making them highly attractive for any home where peace and quiet are necessary. 
Infographic describing STC sound ratings.
According to Build With Strength, a coalition of the National Ready-Mix Concrete Association (NRMCA), ICF reduces sound by over 50% compared with insulated wood walls.

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Still not convinced?

Building an Insulated Concrete Form home retains its value over time... 

  • Provides a modern living environment

  • Produces as much clean energy as it consumes (a Net-Zero home)

  • Will Save You Money in the Long-Term

Building with insulating concrete forms allows you to live in a beautiful custom home built to last.

Net-Zero homes offer reduced costs and increased comfort for homeowners, making ICF an attractive building material for  homebuilders.

To achieve an energy-efficient home, a builder has to use an advanced building envelope (all the components that separate the indoors from the outdoors) that is highly efficient.

As explained above, ICF is highly efficient because of its thermal performance (R40+).

High thermal performance is made possible by three technical factors:

  • Thermal mass in ICF is the ability of concrete to absorb and store heat energy.
  • Concrete has extremely high thermal mass and requires a lot of heat energy to change the temperature of high-density materials like concrete.
  • As outside temperatures fluctuate, the concrete core sandwiched between 2 layers of insulation slows down or delays the temperature changes immensely, keeping inside temperatures neutral.

Although ICF homes will cost 3-5% more to build on average, the cost savings per month in all other areas will last a lifetime.

Considering location and labor costs, the average home built with ICF is roughly 5% more than wood-framed construction at completion.

However, ICF homes will significantly improve day-to-day operational expenses that will, save you in the long term and lower environmental impacts.

For example, a monthly utility bill is an important cost for homeowners; higher-quality exterior walls mean reduced monthly heating and cooling costs for the homeowner and, ultimately, a lower carbon footprint.

And, thanks to builders becoming accustomed to ICF basement builds in many areas, it is common for ICF basements to be less expensive or on par with wood-framed construction at completion.

Here are a few more reasons why homebuilders are choosing ICF as a building material over wood:

infographic by Build With Strength of why builders prefer ICF over wood framed construction



Why do homebuilders choose SuperForm ICF?

Homebuilders choose SuperForm ICF because it's a stronger block that maximizes their time and budgets better than other ICFs, providing additional cost-savings to homeowners.


What features make SuperForm ICF stronger?

Height of a SuperForm ICF system Block

12" Tall Block

  • Our red plastic tie flanges hold less square footage of wall per unit = stronger wall 

  • A stronger wall = flatter wall

6 inch tie spacing of SuperForm ICF block

6" Tie Spacing

  • More ties per block ensure the foam's enhanced and fortified. 

  • More "studs" = more places to attach to. 

tensile strength of SuperForm ICF block

Virgin Material of the Tie

  • The tie's red, virgin polypropylene material exceeds strengths of over 850 lbs. in our tensile tests. 

  • The higher and more consistent tensile strength of our tie handles the pressure of the concrete better.

330 lbs of weigh hanging off 1 tie flange with one 2" deck screw, SuperForm ICF

Thickest Tie Flange

  • Our tie holds up to 330 lbs. off one 2-inch deck screw

  • Ensures all wall attachments like kitchen cabinets and large flat-screen TVs will be secured, minimizing the fear of stripping screws

What Maximizes the Homebuilder's Time & Budgets?

  • Our ties holding less square footage of wall per unit

  • Our block being stronger with more attachment points

  • Our ties having a higher tensile strength

  • Our ties withstanding more lbs./inch when fastening

Whatever your wildest home designs are, they can be done with SuperForm ICF.