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SuperForm ICF Corner Block

About Insulated Concrete Forms

ICF stands for Insulated Concrete Forms. Insulated Concrete Forms are hollow foam blocks with plastic ties that hold the foam block together. SuperForm manufactures and sells these foam blocks to distributors who sell to builders that stack these blocks like Lego to form exterior walls of buildings across North America. The foam block wall is reinforced with rebar and then filled with concrete; the foam block stays in place. ICF insulates the home once the concrete is dry.


It is a better alternative to traditional wood-framed buildings because ICF is energy-efficient (lower heating and cooling bills), resilient (the reinforced concrete core is resistant to fire, hurricanes, and tornadoes), and comfortable (quiet, draft-free, and does not enable mold).

About SuperForm Products Ltd.

SuperForm is a family-owned business with the Head Office based in Pincher Creek, Alberta, with manufacturing facilities in Pincher Creek, Alberta, Canada and Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. We bring our customers confidence and peace of mind by providing affordable, efficient, and reliable insulated building products that withstand some of Mother Nature’s extreme weather.


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