February 2021 Newsletter

Posted Feb 19, 2021

February 2021 Newsletter!

ICF Basements by Columbia Valley SuperForm in Invermere, BC

We are proud to be a part of this project located in Invermere, BC. This project consists of 3, 4 plexes and 3, 6 plexes. The total project is roughly 12,600 sqft footprint. With the nice winter weather, Columbia Valley SuperForm has been hammer down since the beginning of December.

Christine Scott from Generation Homes says, “All of the homes are constructed to a high standard of construction and have been designed to meet a level 4 energy efficiency rating. SuperForm’s ICF Basements are an integral part of the energy efficient design.”

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Burmon Buck Brace

The patent pending Burmon Buck Brace is engineered to brace the horizontal pressures of the concrete during the pour in the window and door bucks.

The Burmon Buck Brace eliminates all horizontal wood bracing; saving on lumber and labor costs by reusing these braces for years to come. 

This brace adjusts to fit our 4”, 6”, 6.5”, and a 8” Superform ICF Blocks.  

Call Superform Products or your local dealer for pricing today.

New SuperForm Estimate Generator

Need to estimate an upcoming job? The updated SuperForm Estimate Generator will provide a robust estimate of what you’ll need for your next SuperForm project. To check it out, click on the image preview above or the below button to view. 

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ICF Installation Webinar

We are happy to offer another ICF Installation training webinar next month! 

Our 1.5 hour webinar will cover the following topics including, but not limited to:

• 1st and 2nd row of ICF
• 3rd row and up
• Stacked Joints vs Overlap Joints
• Window buck options
• ICF continuing onto second story
• Efficiency tips
• Gable walls
• ICF vs. Conventional

Our next session is:

March 4, 2021 – 1:30 pm MST

Register here. 

Please feel free to send this email to an installer, homeowner, builder or anyone that is looking to build an ICF home. 

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