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ICF Residential Construction: Do Installers Need Certification?

ICF home construction is gaining popularity. Builders love ICF systems for their ease of use, and homeowners like the energy efficiency and strength. With ICFs getting more popular, some builders and contractors may wonder if they need certifications for installation. In the US and Canada, ICF residential construction doesn’t usually require certification for installers. However, it is a good idea to undergo training to install insulated concrete forms. Proper training can help installers avoid common issues and ensure the best results. Read on to learn why building regulations do not require certification for ICF construction.

5 Reasons Certification Is Not Needed For ICF Residential Construction

1. Evolution

In the early days, some ICF systems required installers to be “factory-trained.” But now that ICFs are part of national building codes, that rule is no longer needed. These codes now consider the final product meeting specific performance standards rather than who put it together.

2. Downsides of Universal Certification

The construction industry needs experts with real-world experience. A one-size-fits-all certification program might not work in various regions.

3. To Keep Expenses Low

Getting certified can cost more and make it harder to find skilled workers. It could also be too pricey for smaller contractors or independent builders. Instead, the system relies on experienced installers to teach and pass their skills and knowledge on to new installers.

4. Encouraging Independent Projects

Getting certified might seem like a hassle for those who enjoy taking on their projects. Some builders like the independence of doing things themselves. A certification requirement could hinder those projects.

5. Smooth Construction Process

Adding more certification requirements could make construction projects more complex, causing delays and higher costs. Governments already have inspectors to ensure projects meet standards. If a builder performs shoddy work, it won’t pass inspection. It can also impact their reputation and cause them to lose work.

You might not need certification, but you should consider training. Getting ICF training is a good idea for a few reasons. First, it breaks down ICF installation in an easy way that anyone can understand. It also ensures you know the finer points of installing a given ICF system. Many ICF manufacturers also offer training for their systems. Installers can also opt for in-person classes or learn using online resources.

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