July Newsletter

Posted Jul 28, 2020

July 2020 Newsletter!

Calgary Multi-Family High Rise

We are proud to be supplying Kanas Corporation on their next multi-family high rise in Calgary.

In June we started our delivery of over 15,000 blocks to get the first floor started, only 14 more to go!



MAX+ Insulation

SuperForm MAX+ is a premium Neopor® graphite polystyrene (GPS) rigid foam insulation. MAX+ features all of the performance attributes of EPS+, complimented by the added benefits of a unique graphite cell structure. SuperForm MAX+ delivers one of the most efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable insulation products available. Additionally, MAX+ meets CAN/ ULC S701 and ASTM C578 Standard Specification for Rigid, Cellular Polystyrene Thermal Insulation.

SuperForm MAX+ uses high-purity, graphite particles to create a reflective cell structure. This distinct cell structure reflects radiant heat as it travels through the insulation. Get maximum energy efficiency, stability and durability, and moisture management with MAX+.

How does this stack up to other rigid foam Insulation? SuperForm Max+ competes directly with extruded rigid foam. It’s up to 30% cheaper, the same nominal R-value, and does not break down or off-gas. Whichever foam is specced on the blueprints; SuperForm Max+ is a great equal which can save you money. to learn more, check out our website or give us a call.

• Stable Nominal 5 R-Value •
Provides a stable R-value that does not deteriorate over time.

• Compressive Strength •
Available in 10, 16, 20, 25, and 30 psi.

• Moisture Resistance •
Closed cell polystyrene insulation proven to resist moisture gain.

• Vapor Permeable •
Allows moisture vapor to effectively move through its structure.

• Drying Potential •
Designed to quickly release moisture and maintain its R-value over time.

• Low Environmental Impact •
Does not use or contain ozone-depleting blowing agents such as HFCs.

• Dimensional Availability •
Options to suit every application – standards sizes or custom cut to your needs


ICF vs Conventional

This has been a back and forth argument for years. “ICF is too expensive. The benefits of ICF don’t outweigh the cost.”. We could go on and on and around and around. The truth around this is simple, and it is really based on the knowledge around both. We did some market research on what the actual cost was. This graph shows an apples to apples cost comparison calculated off the exact same plan. The result? Well, ICF came in cheaper. This was based several separate quotes from several locations and averaged out to reach this final number.

On top of a lower price, we need to dive into the benefits of ICF. When it comes down to it, the cost is a minor part of the whole picture when you can sit down and understand the benefits.

Disaster resistance. 
Concrete in Superform ICF cures 30% stronger than conventionally formed concrete? You may ask why? Concrete in SuperForm ICF has perfect curing conditions, the EPS on each keeps the concrete at a neutral temperature, keeps the sun from hitting the concrete directly, and keeps the water in. While conventionally formed concrete usually is stripped the next day resulting in the sun hitting it and it getting dehydrated. Since also means that a 6” Superform wall is as strong as a conventionally formed wall, saving you 25% on concrete. Due to impressive strength of the Superform wall, it can handle winds up to 400kmh(250mph) making this your go to product to keep out mother nature. 

Energy savings.
It has been proven that ICF performance 60% better than conventional building methods. With continuous insulation on both sides, the thermal mass of the wall and the air tight structure this is how 60% saving is accomplished. With conventionally formed concrete, you need come behind and framed walls and usually use bat insulation to complete your build. It has also been proven that regular framed houses with bat insulation have enough holes to make up the size of a basketball. Imagine a basketball-sized hole with hot or cold air coming through your basement or living room wall? This leads me into the unmatched comfort that SuperForm ICF offers. Indoor air quality is improved by 75%, its STC class is 54, and your indoor temperature will stay neutral all day no matter that mother natures throws at it. 

Faster install times
I will finish this off by talking about the speed of using SuperForm ICF. Gone are the days of stripping forms (not to mention your back) by stacking ICF you are completing 6 steps in one. While stacking ICF, you are completing the insulation, the air and vapour barrier and all your attachment points. Faster install/Less labour = more jobs, resulting in more money in your pocket. 

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