November Newsletter

Posted Nov 20, 2020

November 2020 Newsletter!


You asked! We listened! Many of you have been requesting more help to learn the tips and tricks of installing Superform ICF!

We are excited to release the Superform ICF Installer Series.

Check out the first of 12 videos at the below.

If you are interested in a installation training session for your team or customers at your location, you can request one below

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Carlsbad, California

Check out these images from California. This customer’s first time using Plumwall All in One bracing and they loved it.

KW Building and Development stacking SuperForm ICF on this 5,500sqft house


Red Ties

• No Settling •
Our ties running the full height of the block resulting in no settling during the concrete pour.

• Concrete Flow Through •
Our tie design allows for maximum concrete flow through. 

• Thickest Tie Flange •
Up to 44% thicker than our competition, the thickest flange on the market, and virgin material, our ties out performs when fastening anything to it it, making it the go to product for all builders. Our fastener withdrawal tests show up to double the strength of our competitors ties. Each screw has 157lb pull test.

• 12″ Tall Block •
Due to the size of block, our tie size is only 1 foot high, making it up 50% stronger than our competition (16″&18″ tall) This takes out the vertical bulging in the wall giving you a flatter wall


10 Reasons to Choose ICF over Wood-Frame Wall Systems

1. Minimizing Unnecessary Steps 
The SuperForm ICF system completes all 6 major building steps into one process. For builders, ICF incorporates concrete, steel reinforcement, insulation, air barrier, vapor barrier and attachment points into one easy step, saving significant time and resources.

This feature greatly accelerates project delivery by eliminating the need to coordinate multiple trades, while achieving all of the wall system’s objectives.

2. Increased Energy Efficiency
With effective R-values of over R40, SuperForm ICF offers better energy solutions for any structure. Studies have proven that Superform ICF has 58% better R-value than conventional wall systems, resulting in 60% in energy savings.

3. High Thermal Mass
The high thermal mass of SuperForm ICF contributes towards a high-performing, energy-efficient structure. High thermal mass materials absorb and store heat energy and help stabilize temperature shifts within the structure by slowing the rate of heat transfer.

4. Reduction of Noise Transfer
SuperForm ICF Builds provide unparalleled peace and quiet and true protection from outside noise. SuperForm has a STC of 54, allowing less than one-third as much sound to pass through than regular frame walls. In the busyness of life, you can stay content knowing you are not hearing the outside world from the cozy home.

5. Improved Air Quality
Maintaining a healthy environment is essential in any indoor space and SuperForm ICF provides a wall system that greats helps this out. Our walls reduce air infiltration by 75%, increasing air quality in your home. Indoor pollution is a huge concern today and SuperForm ICF is free of all toxins, CFC’s, HFC’s, HCFC’s and formaldehyde and is almost completely free of any emissions.

6. Exceptional Strength
SuperForm ICF are disaster-resistant: Superform provides high impact resistance and with stands up to 400km/h (250 mph) winds ensuring your safety inside your building.

7. Reduced Fire Risk
In firewall tests, SuperForm ICF stood exposure to intense flame without structural failure. The extremely low flame spread and smoke development results in up to a 4 hour fire protection. FIRE SPECS SuperForm performing at such an incredible level makes it an easy choice for your build.

8. Less Volatility in Material Prices
Builders and architects can avoid the volatility and increasing costs of lumber by selecting an alternative to wood-framed walls like the SuperForm insulated concrete forms.

9. Air tight Structure
Superform ICF creates a much more “airtight” building than any other construction method. The average home has enough holes in the insulation that adds up to the size of a basketball. The continuous EPS insulation eliminating any holes and acting as an Air Barrier

Superform insulated building solutions are designed to be cost effective and competitive, providing maximum value for every dollar. SuperForm products are designed as all-in-one systems with unique design features facilitating a quick easy build, saving you significant time and labour. . Yet, since the structure is built with concrete and a Insulation that doesn’t break down, off gas, or lose R value over time, your building will outlast every building out there. It also adds better durability and less maintenance or repairs in its lifetime.


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