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Need to estimate an upcoming job? The SuperForm Quick Estimator will provide an estimate of what you’ll need for your next SuperForm project. Every construction project is different; therefore, actual reinforcement requirements may be different too.


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Job Features 1 2 3 +
Wall Type
Block Type
Wall Height
Wall Length
90 Inside Corners
90 Outside Corners
45 Corners
Window and Door Square Footage
Use Top Blocks?
3" Height Adjuster Lineal feet Lineal feet Lineal feet
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Additional project details

Linear footage for Brick Ledge Blocks *these blocks will be substracted from standard blocks
Gable Square Footage

Vertical Rebar Spacing Inch O/C
Horizontal Rebar Spacing Inch O/C
Footing Width Inch
Footing Height Inch
Rebar in Footing
Do you need any accessories?
Simpson ICFVL Ledger System (boxes of 15s)
Number of boxes
Burmon Truss Connector (boxes of 50)
Number of boxes
Add HydroPanel or Insulation
HydroPanel needed
4'X4' panels
Insulation needed
4'X8' panels
Do you need damp proofing?
Square Footage needed
Buck Brace
Fibre Tape (165 feet per roll)
SuperForm Tape - (216 feet per roll)
Spray Foam
Spray Foam Gun
Spray Foam Cleaner
Accufooting (boxes of 32)
Number of boxes
2" ICF Screws (boxes of 500)
Number of boxes
3" ICF Screws (boxes of 500)
Number of boxes
Devil Washers (boxes of 500)
Number of boxes
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Blocks 4" 6"
Standard Blocks 72 -
90 Corners 33 -
Top Blocks 26 -
Bridge Ledge Blocks 26 -
45 Corners 26 -
T Blocks 26 -
Height Adjuster 26 -
Rebar 4" 6"
Vertical Rebar Spacing 72 -
Horizontal Rebar Spacing 33 -
Rebar in Footing 26 -
Concrete 4" 6"
Footing Concrete 72 -
Walls Concrete 33 -
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Original Measurements

Job Features 1 2
Block Type 6 10
Wall Height 6 10