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Stronger Block + Less Labour = More Jobs

At SuperForm, we believe there is a better way to build the future.

Our products were designed by builders, for builders, to provide the strongest, most cost-effective build every time. As builders ourselves, we’ve experienced the challenges in finding enough time to complete jobs and secure future work, while also delivering the highest quality construction. SuperForm ICF was designed with these challenges in mind, providing builders with the freedom to save valuable construction time and channel energy into other jobs and projects.

How? SuperForm ICF incorporates six construction steps into one easy application. This means that concrete, steel reinforcement, insulation, air barrier, vapor barrier, and attachment points are all completed in one step.

SuperForm ICF works with all major materials and is designed for easy installs and pours, providing up to 60% energy savings compared to traditional construction. As the strongest insulated concrete form in the industry, SuperForm ensures that each build has the quality materials required to bring peace of mind during concrete placement and lighten the load for your crew.

The SuperForm Standard

Not only does SuperForm ICF promote faster construction, but builders can have confidence knowing they’re offering the best ICF system on the market. Each block is designed to be light and versatile, making construction jobs easier and minimizing the tools needed to complete the job. SuperForm ICF also supports custom designs and allows for the application of any exterior finish.

At SuperForm, we personally understand the time restraints associated with securing and completing high quality jobs while working to grow your business. If you’re looking for a construction product that can reopen your calendar and put more money in your pocket, SuperForm ICF is the solution.

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