SuperForm product accessories are specifically chosen for their best-in-class quality, perfectly complementing and enhancing your SuperForm building experience. The accessories we stock ensure you have everything you need to complete your project quickly and efficiently, saving you money and time.

ICF Bracing

Hilltop Bracing

Hilltop Manufacturing is a leader in lightweight ICF bracing. The utilization of aluminum results in a strong product that is extremely light in weight. This easy user-friendly system comes with a stackable storage crate for sets of 40 and includes welded lifting hooks for easy maneuverability on the jobsite. In addition, Hilltop Bracing also comes in custom colours and several length options.

Bracing System
8' 9 10' 12'
Transport Crate (40 braces per crate) Individual parts available
Sold per piece or complete set

Plumwall Bracing

Plumwall Insulated Concrete Form Bracing is a leading innovator in the field of easy-to-use ICF bracing systems. Plumwall ICF braces are engineered with exclusive one-man alignment control at platform level and are built for insulated concrete forms up to 24 feet high. Setup faster with the Plumwall’s one step measure and adjust ability. Available transportation and stackable storage crates hold 24 Plumwall ICF braces and comes in a selection of standard or custom colours.

All-in-one brace
8' 9 10' 12'
10 ft Transport Crate (24 braces per crate)
12 ft Transport Crate (24 braces per crate)
Individual parts available
Sold per piece or complete set

Burmon Buck Brace

The patent pending, Burmon Buck Brace is engineered to brace the horizontal pressures of the concrete during the pour in the window and door bucks.

The Burmon Buck Brace eliminates all horizontal wood bracing; saving on lumber and labor costs by reusing these braces for years to come. 

This brace adjusts to fit our 4”, 6”, 6.5”, and 8” Superform ICF Blocks.


Fab-Form ZEE T-Bracket

ZEEs are a great alternative to use instead of T-Blocks. The ZEE T-Brackets eliminate 3 marriage lines per T-junction, which allows for faster ICF installation and reduced ICF waste.

Each ZEE is manufactured from high-quality zinc plated steel and weighs just 2.9 lbs, making it easy to install using 1-1/2" x #8 deck screws.

Zee T-Bracket



Soprema is a high-quality, self-adhesive, rubberized peel and stick sheet designed for damp-proofing SuperForm ICF construction. Benefits include high tensile strength and puncture resistance, greater flexibility and consistent thickness, ensuring the high-end waterproofing required to give you peace of mind that your below-grade builds won’t leak.

Wall Coverage - 200 sq. ft. (includes overlap)


3' 75’ per roll
Sold per roll or per pallet (30 per pallet)

Elastocol Stick H2O

Polymer emulsion-based primer designed to improve the adhesion of self-adhesive waterproofing membranes on most substrates. It is an excellent choice when the use of solvent-based primer is not recommended.


  • Cold application
  • Single component (ready to use)
  • Coverage - 800 sq. ft. per bucket

Sold per bucket

Sopraseal Sealant

High-performance, moisture cure, solvent and isocyanate free polyether sealant (STPE) with low VOC content. With its adhesive properties, Sopraseal Sealant is designed to seal wall details.


  • Excellent adhesion to most construction materials including SOPRASEAL self-adhesive membranes
  • Solvent and isocyanate free
  • Very quick curing time
  • Coverage - 150 LF per tube

Sold per box (24 tubes per box)


Neophrene Roller

When installing Soprema, rolling it with a Neophrene Roller provides up to 400 times more adhesion and makes the job easier to complete.

Note: In order to be covered under warranty,
a Neophrene Roller must be used when installing Soprema.

- Sold individually



Our 1-piece plastic tarp is available in material designed to (1) cover the entire perimeter wall when nailed to the ties along the top, and (2) protect from UV exposure.


6' 180’
8' 180’
10' 180’
12' 180’
Sold individually

SUPERSEAL Dimpled Foundation Membrane

SUPERSEAL Dimpled Membrane is made from tough, long lasting plastic that keeps exterior moisture out. It prevents backfill material from touching the foundation wall and bridges typical wall cracks with ease and can be backfilled right away. The dimples in the membrane create a drainage space that allows the wall to breathe. This space allows moisture to condensate outward on to the membrane. By gravity, the moisture then falls to the footing drain for removal.

Wall Coverage – 518 sq. ft. (7’11”) or 583 sq. ft. (8’ 11”)


7'11" 65.5' per roll
8'11" 65.5' per roll
Sold per roll

Membrane Cap

The Membrane Cap is a piece of plastic that seals all open edges. It is L shaped and smooth on the back. It can be installed horizontally, vertically, and on any angle. You can use the Membrane Cap throughout the entire job.


Each plug has 5 dimples that interlock into the membrane providing superior holding strength over a single plug. Recommended for all areas.

- 50 per bag
- Sold per bag


Standard Fastening System Accessories

1 roll of membrane requires approximately:
2 bundles of Membrane Caps
3 bags of SuperPlugs for 7’11” per roll or 4 bags of SuperPlugs for 8’11” per roll

ICF Hangers

Simpson Tie ICFVL Ledger System

The ICFVL ledger connector system is engineered to solve the challenges of mounting wood or steel ledgers to insulated concrete form (ICF) walls. The ICFVL is designed to provide both vertical and lateral in-plane performance. The system offers many benefits over traditional anchor bolting, including better on-center spacing in most cases, faster installation and no protrusions.


The embedded legs of the ICFVL (6) are embossed for additional stiffness and the hole enables concrete to flow through and around the connector. The exposed flange on the face of the ICF provides a structural surface for mounting either a wood or steel ledger.

ICFVL 10 per box
Sold per box


The CW/W (J Hook) Ledger attachment slips over the appropriate ledger connector under the ledger. 8 screws are installed through the CW/W into the ICFVL Plate holding up to 1940lbs per hanger.

ICF-CW 1.75" 15 per box
ICF-W 1.5" 15 per box
Sold per box

Burmon Hurricane Anchor - BHBCON Concrete Connection

The ICF Hurricane Anchor has been specially designed for North America’s conditions and modern ICF concrete building techniques to deliver safer, more efficient and higher load rafter/truss anchor connections that deliver significant cost savings over the total house build. The connector is installed before concrete sets and the truss is then placed inside the bracket and fixed using Burmon roofing screws. This finishes the tie-down of the trusses, eliminating the hassle of going back later to nail off connectors. This feature connected directly to the concrete provides one of the strongest roof tie-down connections available.

BHBCON - Concrete Connection
(hurricane anchor connected cast into concrete)
30 per box
Sold per box
BHBCON - Concrete Connection
BHBCON - Concrete Connection

Burmon Hurricane Anchor - BHBSP Mudsill Connection  

The revolutionary Burmon design enables the anchor to be securely fixed directly to the top plate. Using a cordless impact driver, simply attach the bracket to the top plate using Burmon panhead screws. The truss is then placed inside the bracket and fixed using Burmon roofing screws. This finishes the tie down of the trusses eliminating the hassle of going back later to nail off connectors. The Hurricane Anchor is faster and easier to install than ordinary conventional connectors whilst delivering a stronger tie down over the whole roof.

BHBSP - Mudsill connection
(hurricane anchor connect to mud sill plate)
50 per box
Sold per box
BHBSP - Mudsill connection
BHBSP - Mudsill connection

Burmon ICF Ledger Connector - ICFWL  

Burmon’s ICF Wood & Steel Ledgers utilize the Burmon ICF Connector System, a revolutionary double threaded cylinder bolt assembly that connects and anchors wood ledger brackets, wood and steel ledgers, joist hangers, I- joists, beams and trusses to insulated concrete forms (ICF) walls. This is a fast, easy to install, and extremely strong way to attach a ledger,  saving you time and money.

Wood Ledger 10 per box
Sold per box
Burmon ICF Ledger Connector ICFWL
Burmon ICF Ledger Connector ICFWL

Spray Foam


The Low Expansion Foam is compatible with SuperForm’s Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam and can be used for a number of different tasks on-site including foaming the forms to each other between vertical joints, securing service penetrations, and as insulation around openings.

12 bottles per box
Sold per box


The Foam Gun Cleaner is used to clean the internal chamber of the foam gun from any hardened foam. Also used on the external surfaces for cleaning the guns.

6 per box
Sold individually or per box


The metal handle Foam Gun is compatible with the SuperForm’s Low Expansion Foam 24oz (680g) cans. The SuperForm’s Low Expansion Foam can be used for a number of different tasks on site.

Sold individually

Fiberglass Rebar


MST-BAR is a glass fiber reinforced polymer (GFRP) rebar and is an excellent alternative for concrete reinforcement compared to traditional steel rebar.

It is the only GFRP Rebar that bonds to concrete better than steel. Steel Rebar oxidizes in concrete which creates rust cancers and causes the rebar to expand, which results in the cover concrete to spall, leading to failure. MST-BAR can eliminate all failures due to corrosion and save on the current costs of fixing corrosion issues.

MST-BAR is also the only GFRP Rebar that is an Integrally Ribbed Maximum Strength Rebar, which locks the rebar into the concrete causing fewer cracks and avoiding up to 50% of traditional bent bar applications by using straight lengths of MST-BAR.

In addition, the manufacturing process of MST-BAR produces far fewer carbon emissions than the steel industry, which aligns with SuperForm’s sustainable and energy-efficient manufacturing processes for our insulated building products.


  • Light-weight (up to 4x lighter than traditional steel rebar)
  • Superior Tensile Strength (3x the amount of steel)
  • Fatigue Resistance (20x the amount of steel)
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Thermal and electrical isolated
  • No maintenance or repairs required


  • ICF Walls: 1 to 1 ratio steel to MST BAR
  • Flatwork: Downsize 1 size from steel for MST BAR size (except for 10 mm)*
  • *Note: Subject to your local building code requirements.
MST Bar Weights2

MST-Knowledge Base

Need more info? Visit our MST-BAR product knowledge base to learn more about MST-BAR specs, the design manual for below-grade ICF walls, info for flatwork applications, and more.

From Left to Right: #5 (15mm) Grade 3; #3 (10mm) Grade 3; #3 (10mm) Grade 1
From Left to Right: #5 (15mm) Grade 3; #3 (10mm) Grade 3; #3 (10mm) Grade 1

Ties, Screws, Tape

Super Slick

Want an easier way to unload SuperForm ICF from your trailer? Try our in-house, Super Slick! Made from our EPS foam beads, all you need to do is sprinkle them onto the floor of your trailer to make unloading a breeze.

Caution: This is very slick. Use extreme caution when using. SuperForm
Products Ltd. is not liable for any injury upon usage. 

-Sold individually

Super Slick

ICF Easy Puller

Our ergonomic friendly ICF Easy Puller is designed to pull any type of block, including corners and T’s, from the back of the trailer without needing to bend over. The angles are foldable for compact storage and are perfectly designed not to damage the ICF unlike other pullers that dig into the foam.

SuperForm 4” Tape

The 4" SuperForm Tape is used to cover the interlock system on the top of a wall to prevent concrete from flowing into the interlocking locking knobs during the concrete pour. The dimensions are 4” wide X 215’ long.

- 30 rolls per box

- Sold individually or per box


4" Top Loader Tape Dispenser

SuperForm now offers an easier way to apply our SuperForm tape! This tape dispenser allows for smooth tape application and has sturdy side plates to protect the tape.

- Sold individually

top loader 2

Wire Ties

SuperForm wire ties are bent ties used to hook one row of blocks to the one above them. You can use these at each corner or secure the top row to the one below it to hold it tight.

6" 100 per box
6.5" 100 per box
8" 100 per box

ICF Screws

ICF screws by ClearCo Fasteners are the perfect option for attaching to SuperForm. The screw features a loose washer design and each screw is hardened and galvanized. They are course thread which provides maximum attachment to SuperForm’s plastic webs.

2" 500 per box
3" 500 per box
3" and 2" respectively.
3" and 2" respectively.

Fiber Tape

Fiber Tape is used to provide additional EPS support for field cut forms that have more than 4” (100mm) of EPS extending past the last web, brick ledge forms in corner conditions, and radius panel.

- 9 rolls per sleeve
- Sold per sleeve

Fiber Tape Sleeve

Devil Washers

Is a engineered fastener system used with deck screws to fasten EIFS to varies wall surfaces.

- 500 or 1000 per box
- Sold per box