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MST-BAR Knowledge Base


MST-BAR Brochure

FrontCover_MST-BAR Specs_ UpdatedVersion


Design Manual photo

Design Manual for Below Grade ICF Walls Reinforced with MST-BAR


MST-BAR Wall Engineering with Alternative Corner Support

STA-Report Corner ICF Inclined GFRP (002) 4

Corner Bar Support with MST-BAR GFRP bars


MST-BAR: #3 Horizontal Bar for Concrete Flatwork

MST Bar vs STEEL v3

Comparison Chart of Steel vs MST-BAR


MST-BAR Footing Detail: Straight Dowel Application

GFRP+Durability-Concrete+International 1_photo

GFRP Rebar Durability - Results from Preliminary Field Tests

Cold temp cover

Technical Report: MST-BAR at Cold Temperatures (-40°C/-40°F)

MST-BAR GFRP CSA S807 1_photo

MST-BAR: GRADE III GFRP Rebar CSA S807 Compliance

Handling of MSTBAR 1_photo

MST-BAR Handling & Safety Instructions

15M (#5) Anchoring Capacity 1_photo

MST-BAR: 15M (#5) Anchoring Capacity

rebar case study front cover

GFRP Rebar Case Study - An Installer's Perspective

MST Bar Item Codes_BarNumbers_Weights_Updated

MST-BAR: Item Codes, Bar # Sizes, Weight, and Bars/Lift