Join the SuperForm Team today!

We are not just a manufacturing company that makes quality insulated building products. SuperForm has earned a solid reputation for "walking the talk" when it comes to being a values-based company too.

We believe our people's values make up our company's values. Everything we do and how we act is based on the expectation that every SuperForm team member maintains and upholds the following SuperForm Values:


We all belong to the SuperForm family and work together to provide balance, support, and safety.


We build, strengthen, and maintain trust with our people, customers, and suppliers through our products and customer service.


We are passionate in building a better future and doing everything to the best of our ability.


We acknowledge our accomplishments, yet understand we don't know it all.


We believe small ongoing changes will reap significant improvements

Therefore, the values of SuperForm are important, as it's a primary reason why our people choose to stay with SuperForm. It also gives you an idea of how you might fit with life at SuperForm.

But, it's not the only factor - see below for how SuperForm might fit with your life and create a fulfilling work experience for you! 

Why Work at SuperForm?

  • Family-Owned
    Because we're family-owned, we believe we demonstrate a greater sense of loyalty to each other and our business. From newer staff, production workers, to management, SuperForm team members tend to feel much closer to the industry, their colleagues, and our customers. 
  • Team-Oriented
    This closeness translates to a team comprised of passionate, team-oriented folks who genuinely enjoy coming to work. Whether it's giving help, appreciation, or checking-in on others, we have each others backs and don't pass the ball when someone isn't looking. As we like to say, teamwork makes the dream work!
  • Growth-Oriented 
    You'll find we're always seeking new ways to grow our business including our people. From forklift training, 90 day objective setting, and guidance/mentorship from our owners, Jason & Keelan, we offer a variety of ways for our people and business to be more efficient and grow every day. We do not let the best get in the way of getting better. 
  • Safe & Balanced Work Environment
    We work safely so you can get home to your loved ones. We're committed to providing a safe production floor - our safety committee meets regularly to discuss potential safety issues and how to prevent them. We're also committed to a healthy office environment too; we take work life balance seriously. 
  • Flexible Health Benefits 
    After 3 months, we offer health benefits to you and your family through a tax-free Health Spending Account (HSA). We'll give you an Annual Limit to spend on any health, dental, or medical services you require. On your behalf, we'll submit your receipts and your signed claim to our HSA provider to get reimbursed up to your Annual Limit. In addition, you can claim all the services that are usually disallowed or limited by insurance plans. Simple!

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