SuperForm products are designed to
withstand everything North America’s
varied landscape and unique climate
has to offer.

When SuperForm Products was established in 1998, quality was the number one priority. The founders wanted to create a product that could withstand the hydrostatic pressures of concrete. Thick red ties every 6” created from virgin material and leaders in the corner tie/corner fastening were all features that lead to our quality commitment. Today that is still our vision and we hold ourselves accountable to the SuperForm Standard through our dedication and passion for quality, continuous improvement and excellent customer service. We want to build a better future by upholding our values, creating trusting relationships and providing a safe and healthy working environment for our people, customers and vendors.


SuperForm ICF gives you the confidence that your investment will stand the test of time. Our wall system keeps your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, keeping you comfortable while reducing your energy costs. SuperForm ICF is environmentally sustainable and is resistant to the potentially devastating effects of mother nature has to offer. Whether you need to stay safe or just stay comfortable, SuperForm ICF protects.


Why homeowners love the Features
& Benefits of a SuperForm ICF home.

Using ICF Blocks for Your Construction Project

Using ICF blocks is a popular choice for many builders because of the many benefits it provides. These benefits include:

ICF Affordability

  • ICF homes will cost 3-5% more to build on average; however, the cost savings in most other areas will benefit you for a lifetime.
  • Building a house with SuperForm ICF gives you unmatched design flexibility; whatever your wildest design dreams are, it can be done with SuperForm ICF.
  • ICFs homes will provide you with significant improvements in day-to-day operational expenses and environmental impacts.
  • An important cost for homeowners to consider is the monthly utility bill; higher-quality exterior walls and smaller mechanical systems mean less monthly cost for the homeowner with savings of up to 60%.
  • It’s more than just savings; additionally, you will enjoy a more comfortable, quiet, disaster-resilient, fire-resistant, higher-quality home.

Energy Efficiency

SuperForm ICF superior energy performance is the result of our wall system working in conjunction with the thermal mass of a solid concrete core, superior air tightness, and continuous insulation on both sides of the wall assembly making this the most energy-efficient, and airtight wall system available today.

Thermal Mass

  • Concrete has extremely high thermal mass and requires a lot of heat energy to change the temperature of high-density materials like concrete.
  • As outside temperatures fluctuate, the concrete core sandwiched between 2 layers of insulations, slows down or delays the temperature changes immensely keeping inside temperatures neutral.

Air-tight Structure

  • The continuous EPS insulation and the solid concrete core eliminates all holes to the outside world; this effective wall system also acts as an air barrier and vapor barrier.
  • The result is an extremely airtight home
  • The average conventionally constructed home has holes in the insulation that add up to the size of a basketball.

Thermal Bridging

  • Thermal Bridging, one of the biggest problems with traditional construction today (wood or bare concrete), is completely eliminated with SuperForm ICF.
  • SuperForm ICF achieved a thermal transmittance of 0.260 m²K/W (0.046 ft²·hr·°F/BTU) and a thermal resistance of 3.70 W/m²K (21.0 BTU/ft²·hr·°F).

Disaster Resilience

Whether you’re facing an earthquake, a wildfire, a hurricane, or even a tornado – you can have peace of mind knowing you’re safe in your home with ICF walls. SuperForm saves homeowners and building owners from rebuilding their projects.

  • SuperForm provides high-impact resistance and withstands up to 400km/h (250 mph) winds and flying debris.
  • The strength of SuperForm ICF is derived from solid concrete and rebar. In our forms, concrete is cured in a perfect environment, making it 30% stronger than conventional concrete walls.

Our 12’ block also gives Engineers and Builders more rebar options. This creates one of the strongest walls available today.

Long-Term Value

  • SuperForm ICF is designed as a 6-in-1 system with unique design features facilitating a quick easy build, saving significant money, and getting into your home faster.
  • The Increased R-Value performance of our wall system results in years of energy-saving, creating long-term value.
  • Since the structure is built with concrete and insulation that doesn't break down, off-gas, or lose R-value over time; your home will outlast you, leaving value for generations to come.
  • All the benefits combined result in your home having infinite durability and lower maintenance during its lifetime.

Reduced Noise

Homes made with ICF blocks are excellent at blocking out noise. This can be a significant advantage if you live in a noisy area.

Unmatched Comfort

  • When planning your new home, consider the greater well-being that comes from living in more stable temperatures without drafts or cold spots, having greater quietness, and having healthier air. No matter the environment outside, ICF homes remain quiet and comfortable.
  • Airtightness. This is possible by continuous dense insulation and the solid concrete core; you receive the most airtight building envelope available today.
  • Air Quality. Our airtight walls also reduce air infiltration by 75%, eliminating dust mites and increasing the air quality in your home.
  • Indoor Pollution. Indoor pollution is a huge concern today and SuperForm ICF is free of all toxins, CFC’s, HFC’s, HCFC’s and formaldehyde and is almost completely free of any emissions.
  • SuperForm ICF homes provide unparalleled peace and quiet resulting in true protection from the outside world.
  • STC Rating. SuperForm has an STC of 54, allowing less than one-third as much sound to pass through compared to regular frame walls.

Fire Resistant

  • The extremely low flame spread and smoke development results in up to a 4-hour fire protection rating. Conventional wood walls have a fire rating of under 20 minutes.
  • SuperForm performs at such an incredible level makes it an easy choice for your home to protect against fires.
  • In firewall test ATSM E119, SuperForm ICF withstood exposure to intense flame without structural failure. With a flame spread index of < 210 and a smoke development index of > 500.

Rot/Mold Free

  • SuperForm foam’s resistance to mold or fungal growth is not due to any special additives.
  • For mold or mildew to be able to grow, three conditions must be met. The first, that their spores must be present - it’s impossible to prevent them from traveling. The second item—humidity above 50%–has already been addressed. The third factor is the presence of a food source.

Unlike wood or drywall which are treated with pesticides and chemicals to make them rot-resistant, ICFs are naturally mold/mildew proof.

Green & Sustainability Construction

  • With an effective R-value performance of over R40; you're saving an enormous 60% in energy use and also saving our natural resources while reducing waste and pollution during construction
  • Building with SuperForm ICF blocks results in less construction waste, cleaner job sites, and straighter walls.
  • SuperForm ICFs contain no HCFC, formaldehyde, asbestos, or fiberglass. ICFs are made using steam so there are no harmful CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) being used and no off-gassing occurs.
  • Superform reuses all water in our manufacturing plants; we also recycle all plastic and EPS, putting none in the landfills.
  • Building with Superform ICF instead saves at least 10 trees on just the exterior walls.


SuperForm ICF helps you maximize both your time and your budget. Our wall system is easy to install and incorporates six construction steps into one, saving you valuable time and effort on the job-site, allowing you to finish jobs faster without sacrificing quality. SuperForm ICF is the strongest insulated concrete form in the industry, ensuring your builds have the quality materials required to stand the test of time and giving you peace of mind during concrete placement. With SuperForm ICF you’ll lighten the load for your crew, be able to work through adverse winter conditions, and move on to the next job faster than ever.



Why You Should Become an Authorized SuperForm Dealer

Customers are demanding environmentally sustainable materials at a cost-effective price that ensures the investment stands the test of time. SuperForm ICF dealers can have confidence knowing you’re offering the best system on the market, helping homeowners reduce costs and contractors to improve their builds. This, combined with our Insulation series, gives you a complete insulated building package to meet all your residential, commercial, agricultural or industrial needs.

Our mission is to deliver consistent, high-quality insulated building products on time, every time at a competitive price with exceptional customer service.


Architects & Engineers

Incorporating SuperForm ICF into your designs reduces the cost and timeline of your project and ensures it will stand the test of time.

SuperForm ICF is the strongest in the industry, making our block the contractor’s choice while providing environmental sustainability benefits, including lower energy costs, reduced job-site waste, and low maintenance requirements.

View our SuperForm Technical Resources below. 

Please view our new centralized technical library for our leading ICF products to download drawings (DWF, DWG, GIF, VWX, DXF, SKP, and PDF formats). You can browse our library or use the search tool to find what you need, including references and technical manuals.


Access SuperForm’s CAD Drawings, BIM, and 3D models on our microsite with


What is ICF?

ICF, or Insulated Concrete Form, is a modern way to build homes. It uses foam forms—usually expanded polystyrene (EPS)—to create sturdy and well-insulated structures. This serves as an alternative to traditional wooden framing.

Rather than using wooden studs to build walls, ICF employs foam blocks. Concrete is poured into these blocks.

ICF forms are lightweight, easy to use, and fit together like building blocks. They stay in place after the concrete sets, providing added insulation to the home.

The SuperForm Difference

At SuperForm, we understand the importance of building a strong, durable, and energy-efficient home. That's why we offer the highest quality ICF building blocks on the market.

Superior Strength

Our 12" tall blocks, with a 1' high tie size, become your secret weapon against uneven walls. The larger size ensures flatter walls, eliminating vertical and horizontal bulging. Now, you can build structures that stand strong and look pristine.

Durability and Safety

The ties in our blocks are crafted from virgin material, providing consistent and high tie strength. This guarantees the safety of your project and gives you peace of mind knowing it can handle the immense pressure of concrete. Our tensile tests, exceeding 850 lbs, demonstrate the durability you can rely on.

Efficient Design

The SuperForm design is your guide to efficiency. The 1" repeating cut lines, grooved inside panels, and interlocking knobs are the tools at your disposal. These features maximize your design flexibility, allowing you to bring your vision to life. Waste is minimized, and installation is expedited, eliminating the need for cumbersome row-to-row securing.

Time and Cost Savings

With SuperForm's ICF Blocks as your allies, you'll see a significant change in your project's timeline and budget. Fewer accessories are required, non-reversible blocks provide added support, and our standard sizing simplifies your work. Your projects become more cost-effective, less labor-intensive, and, most importantly, faster. This means more jobs finished in a year, more clients satisfied, and more money in your pocket.

SuperForm: Your Partner in ICF Construction

SuperForm's ICF Blocks empower you to build structures that are not only strong and durable but also efficient and cost-effective. The superior design and robustness of our product can truly make a difference in the success of your construction projects.

If you're ready to start building your dream home with ICF building blocks, contact SuperForm today. We'll happily answer your questions and help you start your project.