The SuperForm Standard

SuperForm products are designed to withstand everything North America’s varied landscape and unique climate has to offer.

When SuperForm Products was established in 1998, quality was the number one priority. The founders wanted to create a product that could withstand the hydrostatic pressures of concrete. Thick red ties every 6” created from virgin material and leaders in the corner tie/corner fastening were all features that lead to our quality commitment. Today that is still our vision and we hold ourselves accountable to the SuperForm Standard through our dedication and passion for quality, continuous improvement and excellent customer service. We want to build a better future by upholding our values, creating trusting relationships and providing a safe and healthy working environment for our people, customers and vendors.

Why You Should Become an Authorized SuperForm Dealer

Customers are demanding environmentally sustainable materials at a cost-effective price that ensures the investment stands the test of time. SuperForm ICF dealers can have confidence knowing you’re offering the best system on the market, helping homeowners reduce costs and contractors to improve their builds. This, combined with our Insulation series, gives you a complete insulated building package to meet all your residential, commercial, agricultural or industrial needs.

Our mission is to deliver consistent, high-quality insulated building products on time, every time at a competitive price with exceptional customer service.

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Check-out the Features &
Benefits of a SuperForm Dealer

Premium Products

Technical Support

  • With 24 years of experience, we have a good understanding of what our people need to succeed in the field today.
  • Our technical resources including videos, tables, and manuals, will help you through every step of your job.
  • We have a recommended list of engineers and architects who understand your needs and have up-to-date compliance advice for local, regional, and national building codes.


  • SuperForm was designed and built by our father and our uncle, two journeymen carpenters who understood the challenges builders face. Now, 24 years later, our family of journeymen carpenters still own and operate SuperForm.
  • Our values make us who we are, and therefore, everything that we do is based on these values. Our progressive, honest, and transparent approach means we put our clients first.


  • Contractor Day. Our in-house training will give you a chance to touch our product and stack blocks together, getting the feel of our product. You will learn the basic skills required to work with SuperForm.
  • Onsite Training. We send a Certified Trainer to your site. You’ll get to work beside the best in the industry, learning all the small trade secrets that make your project easier.
  • Onsite Webinar. This online installation course will give you a very good feel for installing our product without leaving your office chair.
  • Installation Manual. This detailed manual breaks down every process from start to finish. This is a great booklet to have onsite with you, so you can refer to it with any questions.
  • Certified Installers. SuperForm Products is committed to the highest level of training, ensuring you understand the installation process so you can get the job done with efficiency and confidence. All courses are led by certified Superform Installers and experienced ICF installers.

Customer Service

  • Continuous Improvement. Superform is a lean organization constantly working on improving, eliminating waste, adapting to changing times, and creating customer value that goes beyond products only.
  • Logistics. We cover all shipping including importing or exporting, or we will work with a freight company of your choice. Once the order is placed, our shipping department will make sure it shows up on your doorstep on time, every time, worry-free.
  • Continuous Support. We are ready and waiting to help and support you with whatever needs you might have. We’re just a phone call or text away and whether you’re a dealer with low inventory or a contractor with a job site problem, we’re always here to help.
  • Marketing. We understand what dealers need to be successful. We help you market our products in your area driving leads and customers directly to you.
  • Dealer Portal. This is exclusive software for SuperForm dealers that they can access anywhere, anytime with pricing, manuals, videos, online ordering, and everything new that comes in from us.

Quality Control

  • Superform Products manufactures ICF and Insulation in-house where we have full control over our lean manufacturing process, ensuring our products are produced to the highest standards possible.
  • Superform follows a strict quality control process from measuring products to a visual check on everything that is produced. We test all products on a daily basis by our trained staff to ensure high-quality is available on every single piece.
  • We are audited by QAI laboratories every quarter, conducting regular plant inspections, checking our data records, and ensuring we align and exceed the industry standards.

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