ICF Installation Course


Presented by

Shaun Luffman

Hosted by

Civitan Club in partnership with 613 ICF & Luffy’s ICF Solutions.

Learn how to stack SuperForm ICF or sharpen your skills at stacking SuperForm ICF.

You’ll get a chance to touch our product and stack blocks together, so you can get a feel of the strongest block on the market.

Our 4-hour, in-person course will teach you in-depth how to save time, tools, and limit waste when stacking ICF. Specifically you’ll learn:

  • Benefits of installing SuperForm ICF
  • 1st and 2nd row of ICF
  • 3rd row and up
  • Stacked Joints
  • Window buck options
  • ICF continuing onto second story
  • Efficiency tips
  • Gable walls
  • ICF vs. Conventional

After the course, each attendee will have the opportunity to take our online Certified Installer Test to receive a SuperForm Installation Training Certificate.

If you have any questions before registering, please contact:

Toll Free 877.627.3555
E  [email protected]

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