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How to Select the Best ICF Materials for Your Construction Project

If you have decided to use ICFs for your construction project, you already understand the benefits. However, the decision doesn’t end there. Builders have much to consider concerning ICF materials and systems. You’ll find you have many options for selecting the right ICFs. This post will explore various points to consider.

Selecting the Right ICF Materials and Systems

Project Requirements

You need to assess the project requirements before comparing ICF systems and materials. Consider the size of the structure and its purpose. You may also need to consider various environmental factors and structural demands.


Availability is another crucial factor when choosing an ICF system. You have large manufacturers who operate in multiple countries and regional operations that may have a different reach. Knowing that the materials and blocks are readily available at the project location is essential.

Manufacturer Support

Builders should assess the level of manufacturer support before selecting an ICF system. The available support can vary considerably. Review the available technical and engineering documents on their website. Read their manuals and look to see if they offer training for their products.

ICF Blocks

Assessing the different block types also indicates the suitability of an ICF system. Consider the block sizes they offer. Look at the various panels, corners, angles, height adjusters, ends, and more. You may also find different insulation types and materials.

Foam Types

Builders can choose different types of foam insulation. All the options offer excellent energy efficiency, but there are differences. The most common is EPS foam. Many builders prefer it because it is familiar and the most cost-effective option. XPS is an alternative that offers greater strength and higher R-values. However, it is much more expensive than EPS. That is why XPS is less common.

Beyond that, you have GPS, which is a newer foam type. The GPS material is Neopor® graphite polystyrene, an EPS evolution. This material has better insulative properties than traditional EPS while only costing slightly more. It also has better moisture resistance.

Ease of Construction

Ease of construction is one of the primary benefits of using ICFs. However, not all systems are equal in this regard. Consider how easy the forms are to place and fill with concrete. How well do they lock together? What types of accessories will you need on the job site?

Choose SuperForm ICF

SuperForm ICF is one of the top choices for ICF systems. We offer forms in various configurations and from materials like traditional EPS and Neopor®. Our system is also straightforward to use and reliable. Click here to contact our team for more information about ICF materials and systems.

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