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The Types of ICF Blocks in SuperForm

The SuperForm ICF Block Series represents a line of cutting-edge insulated concrete forms. At SuperForm, we have different types of ICF Blocks, each with a different purpose and function. Continue reading this post to learn about the types of ICF blocks from SuperForm.

Types Of ICF Blocks from SuperForm

Standard Blocks

The standard ICF block from SuperForm is for building straight walls. They are available in different cores from four to eight inches. We are also developing a standard block with ten and 12-inch cores. The standard block also comes in a length of four feet. You can customize it to meet the requirements of each project.

90 Degree Blocks

This block creates strong right angles. It has a tough corner tie and many ways to fasten it for a smooth finish. They come in various sizes, ranging from four to eight-inch cores. Our 90-degree corners offer concrete volumes per square foot of wall. They also have effective R-values.

45 Degree Blocks

This block allows you to create 45-degree corners with ease and reliability. The 45-degree blocks also come with the option of six or eight-inch cores.

Brick Ledge Blocks

Builders use brick ledge blocks to install brick veneer on walls above ground. The block provides a ledge to support and stack the brick or stone. They come in two sizes: 6″ x 11″ and 8″ x 13″, both with a 4-foot length. The concrete needed per square foot varies from 0.014 to 0.019 cubic meters.

Top Blocks

Top blocks expand the supporting area at the top of the wall. They increase the bearing surface to distribute loads more evenly. The design is to assist with supporting roofs or the floors of upper stories. Our top blocks come in six and eight-inch cores.

T Blocks

This block creates a strong T-shaped corner, eliminating the need for extra support. It’s available in 6″ x 11″ and 8″ x 13″ sizes, with a 2-foot length and 1-foot return.

Height Adjuster

The height adjuster is not a block. Height adjusters allow builders to increase the height in three-inch increments. Along with making it easier to adjust the height, they also reduce waste.

End Buck

End bucks serve to terminate a wall. Rather than being a block, it is a panel that slides in to cap other blocks. They can work with blocks with six to eight-inch cores. Each end buck is 2.5 inches wide.

Are you interested in building with ICFs? Click here to contact the team from SuperForm. Our innovative ICF system simplifies construction while creating stronger concrete. Reach out now to learn more about the benefits of SuperForm building products.

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