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What are the Different ICF Accessories?

Many people tend to focus on the blocks when talking about ICFs. However, there is much more to an ICF system than the blocks. You also have a range of ICF accessories that make it all possible. This post will cover the accessories that work with our ICF system.

ICF Accessories from SuperForm

ICF Bracing

We offer four different bracings for different building needs. Hilltop Bracing is a product of Hilltop Manufacturing. They are a leader in lightweight ICF bracing. It also offers custom colors and various length options.

Next is Plumwall Bracing, which is known as an All-in-One Brace. It is the only ICF brace that gives you control over the alignment at the platform level. Adjusting can be an easier and faster way to straighten walls.

Third is the Burmon Buck Brace. Its design braces the horizontal pressures of concrete during the pour in window and door bucks.

Finally, the ZEE T-Bracket is known as an alternative to T-Blocks. It reduces installation time and waste by eliminating the need to connect lines at T-intersections.


Waterproofing is crucial in ICF construction. It provides moisture protection, foundation protection, energy efficiency, longevity, health and comfort.

We will share two out of eight of our waterproofing accessories.

First is Soprema. It is a top-notch, sticky rubber sheet that keeps moisture out of SuperForm ICF buildings. Soprema is tough, flexible, and maintains thickness, so you can trust it to keep water out.

The second is Sopraseal Sealant. It is a top-notch, quick-drying sealant that sticks well to walls and does not contain harmful chemicals.

ICF Hangers

ICF hangers hold up different utilities and fixtures on concrete walls. The hangers work well with the special features of ICF walls.

ICFVL is one of the accessories we offer our clients here at SuperForm. Its built-in legs are strong, giving them extra rigidity. The gap allows concrete to flow around the connector. Plus, the visible edge of the ICF offers a solid base for attaching a wooden or metal ledge.

Spray Foam

We use spray foam for various purposes. You can use it for insulation, air sealing, moisture control, enhancing structural integrity and sound dampening.

Fiberglass Rebar

MST-BAR, a glass fiber-reinforced polymer rebar, outperforms steel in concrete reinforcement. It prevents corrosion-related failures, reduces cracking, and reduces installation time. Plus, its eco-friendly manufacturing aligns with SuperForm’s sustainability goals.

Ties, Screws Tapes

Ties prevent shifting or bulging as the concrete sets and strengthens the walls.

Screws help attach things like drywall or siding to ICF walls.

Tape seals the seams between ICF blocks, stopping air leaks and boosting the building’s energy efficiency.

Are you interested in building with ICFs? Click here to contact the team from SuperForm. Our innovative ICF system simplifies construction while creating stronger concrete. Reach out now to learn more about the benefits of SuperForm building products.

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